What is iJRD?

  1. iJRD is an iPhone app designed to help researchers at the University of Pennsylvania learn about how humans navigate. iJRD is currently available to people who are living, or have lived, in a number of cities around the world, listed here and shown in the map below. If iJRD is not currently available in your city but you'd like to use the app, please contact us at spatial.cognition.app (at) gmail. By playng iJRD anonymously on your iPhone, you can learn about how your navigation abilities compare to other people around the world.

How to use iJRD?

  1. To learn how to use iJRD, read here or watch the following video:

What can we learn from iJRD? Why does it matter?

  1. Having to remember where things are in the world is an intriguing problem that most of us face on a daily basis. The ability to do this is called 'spatial memory'. With the help of iJRD, we hope to better understand spatial memory in a real-world setting. Discoveries made from iJRD will have important implications for basic research in psychology, neuroscience, and urban planning. Knowledge obtained from iJRD will also be critical for guiding research into spatial memory deficits caused by brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease. An improved understanding of spatial memory will help advance early detection methods and targeted therapeutic approaches for such populations.

A spatial cognition application for iOS
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